02 March 2018

Award for cycling race Scheldeprijs

On Wednesday 4th april 2018, right between cycling races 'Ronde van Vlaanderen' and 'Paris-Roubaix', the oldest classic race of Flanders will be competed. The finish of this cycling race is in the centre of Schoten, the village where Van Ranst is located since 1936. Therefore it was a challenge for Van Ranst to make an attractively designed award for this occasion. The trophy shows 8 spurting cyclists made of solid sterling silver. One cyclist in goldplated silver represents the winner. All cyclists are made in the exact image of the logo of the race and are fixed on top of an undulating silver plate representing the river Schelde. 1.350 grams of sterling silver were used to make this award.

As a present for each member of the organizing committee, Van Ranst also made silver pins with the logo of the 'Scheldeprijs'.