Jewellery casting

Jewellery casting requires professional casting installations, which is an expensive cost for students, hobbyists or starting jewellery designers. Van Ranst is happy to help you with your jewellery casting.

Your jewellery partner

Van Ranst offers 80 years’ experience and high-tech machinery. Using the lost wax technique, we cast your wax models in bronze, silver and gold (white, yellow or red) in both 14- and 18-carat

Serial production of jewels

Van Ranst disposes of the newest vacuum casting methods. Do you want to cast multiple items of the same jewel? Then we make a rubber mould for serial production. If possible, we even make an aluminium mould for an even better result.

Contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us. We also manufacture engraved labels and other jewellery items in our workshop.